With its more than 30 years of experience, Gul Construction is one of the leading companies in the construction sector. Since it was first established in Istanbul, dozens of bold, new projects of lasting value have been carried out, complementing the architectural aesthetic of the city. Gul Construction has been guided by the principle of shaping new lives in Istanbul, a city that has granted life to so many civilizations, without compromising on the rich architectural detail that Istanbul is so famous for. As part of the merger between Gultas Construction and Liv Yapı, which came together in 2005, Gul Construction has continued to carry on its activities in the fields of large-scale residential complexes, business centers and shopping and lifestyle centers.

Inspired by the vision of becoming a pioneering leader in the construction sector through our reliability and high quality of service and by designing natural, environmentally-friendly living spaces for both current and future generations, Gul Construction has undersigned many successful projects, such as the Marine and Rose Marine Residence, Avcilar Park, Gunesli Park, Skyport, Otoport, Is West and Kavakli Residences.

Established with the principle of never compromising on our professional administrative structure, high-quality work and customer satisfaction and having vivified to many successful projects within a short period of time, Gul Construction has led many successful projects within a short period of time and is currently preparing to affix its signature to projects that will give new direction to the construction industry by undertaking large-scale projects.

Aware that our work does not only involve constructing buildings and shopping and business centers, we, as Gul Construction, have been building brand new living spaces without forgetting the heritage of the past nor ignoring the expectations of current and future generations.