Our Mission

Gül Construction, which has always taken innovative and forward-looking steps since its inception, has been able to provide the quality, confidence and service approach expected from a company in the construction sector; environmental awareness, social responsibility and employment provision with the task awareness. Gul Construction, which offers warm nests to the concept of family, which is our most valuable social value, also builds giant shopping centers that can meet all your needs and add value to the city where you are located with the assurance of Gül Construction for you. Regardless of the work done, every project we sign under is elevated as a symbol of trust and quality.

Our Vision

Gul Construction, which sets the course for tomorrow today as a leader of its sector, will continue to give the best service to its lovers in the future, will keep its contribution to the country’s economy at the highest level as it does with the great employment it creates. Gul Construction, which knows all national and international standards and carries out its projects by following pen and pencils, will continue its path non-stop to offer quality and healthier living spaces as it has been for 35 years. Gul Construction, which will always know the responsibility of being a pioneer in the sector, will continue to offer the best with the assurance of Gül Construction by combining it with the highest quality.

Our Values

  • To realize big life projects with our strong architectural identity, to the standards which Turkey and our people deserves,
  • To build relationships that turn into lasting friendships between us and our customers with the principle of maximum customer satisfaction,
  • Production, marketing, sales, delivery and delivery is to provide our customers with sincere, reliable, professional service by fulfilling all commitments given in the letter.

We work with an understanding that adds value to his country over a quarter century