New Understanding in Business

” New Understanding in Business “

A brand new trade center is rising in the center of Istanbul and brings a brand new understanding to business life. IsBati gathers all your needs together on a total area of 36.962 m2.

IsBati, which can fully meet the needs of your commercial life with its workplace, warehouse, warehouse, office and stores, first of all saves you time. Emphasizing the importance of time in commercial life with the clock tower in its architecture, İş Batı turns the time you lose between the office and the warehouse or between the store and the workplace into gain.

“New Address for a Profitable Investment: IsBati”

With its location in the center of İş Batı Istanbul, close to İstoç, Atatürk Airport, E5 and E6 roads, it eliminated your transportation problem, and firstly saved you time.

  • Number of Units: 51
  • Land m2: 11.899 m2
  • Flat Types: Store-Office
  • Sizes: Between 60 m2 – 1.850 m2.
  • Social Accessories: Cafe and Restaurants.
  • Project Start Date: 2012
  • Delivery Date: 2013