Rose Marine Butik

Intersection Point of Green and Blue

Intersection Point of Families and Happiness

Rose Marine Boutique has everything you need to capture happiness with your family, share beautiful moments and spend time together.
If you want to start a new life with your loved ones and be filled with happiness, we wait for Rose Marine Boutique without losing time.

Intersection Point of Happiness and Innovation

Rose Marine Boutique is rising with innovations in Büyükçekmece. With a total of 142 flats overlooking the sea and green, starting from 2 + 1 to 5 + 2, 14 shops, an outdoor-indoor pool, walking areas and a sports complex, your new life awaits you with your loved ones.

Intersection Point of Pleasure and View

You start the day enjoyable in Rose Marine Boutique. This view you see from the living room of your house makes you feel extremely good. When you open the windows of your living room, when you go to the balcony and hear the chirping of birds from the environment, this feeling of well-being makes you even more happy. And most importantly, this feeling always comes after you as you spend time at home.

Intersection Point of the Terrace and the View

Spending time on the terrace accompanied by a unique view in Rose Marine Boutique means spending life well. Being on the terrace at any time of the day will make you extremely happy. Whether with your loved ones or alone. Get ready to live a happier life with these happy moments.